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About Microcurrent Therapy
Clinical Studies
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The following Painmaster studies involved a style of patch that was discontinued in 11/04. At that time a new patch with 25% more transmittable(sp) surface area was introduced. Transmittable current was increasd from 25 µa to 50 µa. Clinical feedback now suggests an 80% to 85% effective rate in reducing pain.

Introduction to Micro Current Therapy:

MCT Introduction

Introduction to Microcurrent-Rossen 1989

A comparative study of Micro-amperage

Biofeedback and Electro-medicine

Clinical study of MENS

Comparative study of Micro-Amperage

Effect of TENS on Clinical Pain PT-Feb 1986

Effects of small amounts of electric current

Electric stimulation cuts torn ligament rehab time

Microcurrent - Paul Davis

Microcurrent Stimulation AC March 1989

Microcurrent Therapy -PTT-1990

Treatment of Peritendinitis of shoulder

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Clinical Studies:

Painmaster Clinical and Study Data

Clinical Trial of Galvanoplast

Microcurrent Therapy

Painmaster Clinical Results

Painmaster study 269

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Calf Muscle

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